Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sharp Dressed Man!

There is nothing like a man in fine suit or tuxedo!  No longer are groom and groomsmen stuck with just wearing your standard black tuxedo, don't get me wrong, a fella still looks sharp in black!  But there are so many choice and color combinations that will have the men in your wedding party looking like they just stepped out of GQ Magazine!  Check out some inspiration!

These Grooms & Groomsmen Have Style!

Martha Stewart Weddings (1,2, 3), Wedding Chicks (4, 5), Well Groomed (6,7), Polka Dot Bride (8), Inspired By This (9), ILoveSWMag (10, 11, 12), RHPhotoArts (13), The Brides Cafe (14), The Brown Bride (15)

These Styles & Trends Are Straight Off The Runway and In Stores!

Tailors Row (1, 2, 3, 4), Style (5, 6,7,8 )

Guy Fashion (1), Rashon Caraway (2,3,4), Jack Bunneys (5,6,7), This & That Style (8),
King and Allen (9,10,11) William Hunt (10), The Snob Report

Style Boards

Well Groomed


  1. Wonderful to see that the gents have so many style options, too!

  2. WoW..
    that much good.. and how much choices
    Great pictures of the Maßgeschneiderte Kleider
    Thanks for that