Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trend 2013: Dare To Don Noir!

Let me tell you, back when I was planning this big obnoxious wedding, I was adamant about wearing a black dress!  I had watched an episode of "Platinum Weddings" and the bride wore a beautiful black dress, and I said, "YES"!  That is what I want to wear down the aisle! Then came the naysayers...boooooo!  They said things like, "Really, a black dress?" and "It's a wedding, not a funeral!" and so on and so forth.  My dream remained a dream.

In the last few years, designers have been adding one or two black gowns to their collections, and now in 2013, if you want to wear a black wedding dress, you have many to choose from.

A black gown is so daring, bold, sexy and glamorous.  Jump inside my head: The Bride is stunning in black, her bridesmaids in white or even silver or any other color, the possibilities are endless, preceding her like angels & colorful beings, as he waits in the wings....*sigh*...

Anyhoo, here are some of the black beauties! Enjoy!

Wtoo - "Daringly Beautiful"

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