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Real Wedding: Theresa & Steve's Non-Traditional Asian Wedding

On March 24th, 2013, we were the "Day" of Coordinator for a beautifully, simple Non-Traditional Asian wedding!  It was an experience I will never forget!

The couple Theresa & Steve were so sweet, and I could not have asked for a more perfect couple to work with!

The wedding day was filled with love, laughter and tons of fun!  This was a formally fun wedding day! There were violinists who played video gamed themed music and a DJ who played the latest songs. Traditionally set guests tables with mustache lollipop centerpieces. There were 4 professional photographers and a green screen photo booth.  The bride changed 5 times throughout the night. There was a tiered cake and tons of cupcakes....and so much more!

We started the day at the Marriott Residence Inn, where I spent several hours with the bride and her bridesmaids, as well as, the make-up artist and hairstylist, both were family and a long time friend.  As they were getting all dolled up, we chatted and laughed among ourselves as the bride slept in.

When the bride woke up, she was surprisingly, very calm and relaxed!  There was a slight issue with seating for the reception, but even with that hiccup, she was handling it all with stride.

As the morning rolled on, and I made sure we stayed somewhat on time, the girls were one by one, beautified!  At one point, we realized that the hand steamer was not working properly, or we did not know how to work it properly, and one of the bridesmaids, used a flat iron to get rid of the wrinkles in one of the bridesmaids dresses....GENIUS!

Pretty soon, it was time for us to load up the cars to get over to the ceremony venue, the Stotesbury Mansion!   The Stotesbury Mansion is a beautiful venue with Old World but Modern Charm.  It is a perfect venue for an intimate wedding ceremony & wedding reception.

We finally arrived to the venue, and the girls continued to get ready.  The guys however, were already there and dressed!  They looked amazing! (no pictures!)

Once I got to the reception, I distributed the bouquets and boutonnieres.  I set up the guest book table and hid the red envelopes for the Scavenger Hunt!  Yes...a Scavenger Hunt!  In between the ceremony ending and the reception starting, the bride and groom wanted their guests to do something fun, while they waited for the wedding party to take photos with family.  I had hidden 5 red envelopes with different prizes in them, all over the mansion (3 floors) and whomever found them, kept them!  It was a blast!  I was the only one who knew where they were...and I had some bribes thrown my way!

(venue's website photos)

Soon after the photographers began to arrive, there were 4 photographers in total, plus a videographer.  The guys started taking their pictures in the billiards room, while the girls continued to get ready and I kept checking to make sure everyone was on time and that everything was set up according to the bride!  I also did a last minute rehearsal walk through with the entire bridal party and musicians, to make sure everything went perfect and on cue!

*My crappy photos don't do them justice!

 The bridesmaids wore long chiffon gray gowns in different styles, with fire engine red shoes.  The make up was glamorous with red lips!

(One of the five gowns the bride wore throughout the night)


The bride getting ready!

Steaming the brides veil!

Photographers setting up shots and the ceremony gown, and one of the reception gowns.

Almost show time!

The ceremony was short and sweet! The bride and groom did not want any ceremony decor, just the beauty of the room!  After the ceremony, the bride & groom had a group photo taken with everyone in attendance!  Once everyone was seated again, the wedding party exited to the theme song of Super Mario Land...played on the violin & guitar!  It was beautiful!  There was touches of video game reference throughout the day!

After the Scavenger Hunt was completed, I headed over to the reception venue, to oversee and direct the reception staff, vendors and set up more decor for the guests tables and the guestbook table.  Did I mention that, the bride and groom did not want any floral decor?  Yep, not even for the reception tables.   I don't think florals would have fit on any of the tables anyway!  The tables were set up for a traditional 14 course meal, so table decor was minimal.  This is where my job became a little tough.  I don't speak the language, so it was a little hard for me to communicate the brides wishes, but somehow we managed!

Guest Tables, consisted of more interactive things for the guests to do, there was a Trivia & ISpy!  The DJ and I were the hosts for the Trivia game and it was really a good time!


Wedding party entrance!  The song the entered on was "It's Not Unusal" by Tom Jones!  The Best Man and one of the Bridesmaids did a funny skit about how the bride and groom met and their journey to man & wife via different songs!

Guest Book table at the reception, manned by the Best Man and the Brides's cousin, who was a bridesmaid.  I was off setting up the cake table!

Cake & Cupcakes

After the cake cutting, The bride and groom receiving gifts from the venue's owner.  The groom received a Jade pendant necklace and the bride received a diamond necklace.  They also received Chinese wall art.

The guest were able to enjoy the green screen photo booth by Boyd Photography with tons of props! They had a choice to pick between two backgrounds, People Magazine and Street Fighter video game.  The guest had a blast with that!

And more fun!

As I was leaving for the night, I had been with this couple from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm. and I was truly exhausted, but as I was passing the dance floor, my bride was on the dance floor (pic above) and she stopped, went to the back and gave me a gift bag that contained beautiful gifts and a beautiful thank you card!  I knew that I did a job well done!

Stay tuned for professional pictures!

I want to say thank you to all of the vendors that helped make Theresa and Steve's wedding a night I don't think they will ever forget!

Green Screen Photo BoothBoyd Photography 

Photographer: Simmone von Sydney  
VideographerJames Knightly Films 
DJ/MC/Reception Violinist: Ewing Entertainment 
Cake & Cupcakes: Mayfair Bakery 
FloristAmaranth Florist  
Ceremony Venue: Stotesbury Mansion 
Reception Venue: Joy Tsin Lau Chinese Restaurant 
Ceremony Violinist & Guitarist: Jessica & Jason Stewart
Hairstylist: Lacy Voorhees
Make-Up Artist: Mini
Day Of Coordinator: Taylor Made Soirées Weddings & Events


  1. Looks like one fun wedding! Kudos for the great coordinating work you do, too.

  2. I especially love the fun photos from the reception. I'm getting married at the Universal Life Church next year, these pictures definitely make me want to start planning!

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